We need more Jerry Butlers in our wonderful community! The wrongful attacks on Jerry Butler’s integrity and honesty must be addressed. This community is so much better off with the unprecedented volunteer work that Jerry has done for us. He never has sought the limelight; he just sees the various problems and goes about solving them, with humility and statesmanship.

For many years, I have served on committees with him and marvel at his loyalty and tenacity at accomplishing ambitious undertakings. I could list so many things that he has accomplished that put him in the local Hall of Fame. However, all I want to accomplish here is to ask those who do not know him to dismiss the slanderous efforts of one individual who seems to enjoy creating dissension.

I would love to see more Jerry Butlers in town who step up, research our problems, work tirelessly to solve them and take no credit when he accomplishes great tasks.

I am proud to know a man of such high integrity and honesty.