Here’s a voting tip that Independents, Democrats and Republicans can agree on. Let’s vote for folks who represent us with integrity and honesty. Let’s only vote for politicians who all Americans can be proud of.

For State Representative, vote for anyone but Joseph Chaplik. According to our current Representative, John Kavanagh, Chaplik is a tax dodger. The political newcomer owed more than $50,000 in federal taxes in 2016 and had a lien filed against him in 2018. Chaplik paid off the entire amount shortly before getting into the race. Chaplik initially denied that he had a lien filed against him until Representative Jay Lawrence produced a copy of the tax lien.

For Congress, do not vote for David Schweikert. A House Ethics Committee investigation found him guilty of 11 rules violations, gave him a reprimand and a $50,000 fine. These are serious violations and do not warrant his representation of the citizens of Arizona any longer.

Arizonans, vote for integrity this year.