Why would the President and Washington Legislators even dream about doling out $450,000 of our money rewarding illegal immigrants after breaking into our country while homeless veterans, who defended our liberty and freedom sometimes after multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, walk the streets?

I legally came to this country after security checks and medical evaluations and was presented with my green card. Each year I reported to the Post Office until I proudly earned my citizenship in 1983. I paid to attend and graduate from college; every year I paid my taxes and worked hard to achieve the American dream.

Now we hear what is insane! The likes of Biden and Washington legislators plan on absconding with our tax money, preferring to pay illegals and use them on other partisan projects. Who is pulling Biden’s strings? My wife seriously asked whether we were living in a real world. You probably felt the same when you heard the crazy notion of paying illegal immigrants $450, 000 with our tax dollars.

I should claim my $450,000 check and add a reasonable 4% interest per year. I wouldn’t even ask for the interest to be compounded over my 38 years as a citizen. That would mean my total would be somewhere close to $518,000. I would put it to good use. I would rent a vessel to export all the Washington Legislator Socialists/Communists to Venezuela or China.

Perhaps a better idea is for us all to work together to retire these individuals next year and again in 2024, sending them back into obscurity and thus returning our country to its former greatness.