When my husband, Rob, passed away unexpectedly two weeks after his 58th birthday last September, my son and I met with Allan Ruby the next day for three hours to make all of the arrangements. As we pulled into the parking lot, Brant asked me whether being a funeral home director made a person more or less human. Would this person be a typical businessman or more personable and caring about our situation? I guessed the latter.

Allan Ruby more than exceeded our expectations. He was kind, compassionate and patient when taking us through all of the information that needed to be recorded and all of the decisions that needed to be made. We didn’t feel rushed or pressured. Allan was available to us any time we had questions before the visitation and funeral, and even called one evening to let us know that he had to change the flight arrangements to another airline to fly Rob to Iowa for burial. He walked with us every step of the way, including the evening visitation and the Saturday morning funeral.

The last comment Allan made to me after the funeral was, “Now you have another friend here in Fountain Hills.”

Brant and I could not have asked for a better person to lead us through this difficult process of final arrangements for a much-loved husband and father. When Brant and I came to say our final goodbyes, Allan came out of a meeting to place three mementos in the casket with Rob, including putting one of Brant’s Junior Olympics gold medals for discus in his hands.

A big thank you to Allan and to his staff for the support, care and guidance you showed us during this difficult time. Anyone who uses Messinger Fountain Hills Mortuary is in good hands.