This week, the CBS Sunday morning news show featured a meatless burger story about the Impossible Burger. This burger is totally bioengineered through the process of genetically modifying ingredients.

The soy they use is GMO soy. Monsanto (the chemical company who invented GMOs as well as Agent Orange and major insecticides that have hurt and killed people) took wheat, corn, soy, etc. to insert poisonous insect nerve toxins into the DNA of the plants to “help” the plants be more hearty and resistant to insects. To the contrary, the insects have become stronger, which cause stronger chemicals to be sprayed on them and then people are left eating the poison-laced plants inside the DNA and outside with the spray.

In addition to the GMO soy, the burgers also contain bioengineered “heme.” They extract heme molecules from the GMO soy and inject them into yeast to grow them. GMO practices claim safety, food supply, sustainability and other noble words justify their practices. The best practices are organic; organic also means non-GMO, but even more.

With regard to the bioengineered burger and your health, I would advocate for vegetarian-fed, humanely raised, non-hormone beef and I have been a vegetarian for 30 years.