There is a very important Fountain Hills election coming.

Beginning April 22, Maricopa County will be mailing ballots to registered Fountain Hills voters. This will be a total mail-in election pertaining to the controversial development called Daybreak. Hundreds of Fountain Hills citizens signed petitions to put the issue before voters to determine whether developers would be allowed to build a 400-unit, multi-story apartment project at the northeast corner of Shea and Palisades.

A Referendum was required when the Town Council approved Daybreak by a 5-2 vote over the massive objections of concerned citizens and the rejection of the project by the Town’s Planning and Zoning Commission.

The deadline for your ballot to be cast and received by the county or turned in at Town Hall is 7 p.m. May 19. To be sure your ballot is received by then, it should be mailed no later than May 15.

On your ballot are two Daybreak propositions, #427 and #428, a zoning change and a Planned Area Development. You will need to vote on both. If you do not want Daybreak to be built you should vote “no” on both propositions. Make sure your voice is heard on the critical matter of Daybreak, with its huge density and traffic congestion.

If you require further information on Daybreak go to