No one would imagine that a president of the United States would sponsor COVID-positive migrants as part of the over 1 million arrivals to disperse and infect U.S. citizens in mainly conservative states, while criticizing those states governors of an uptick in COVID cases. Classy!

Not to mention the 400-plus Border patrol agents infected by these migrants. That’s one way of delivering on an election promise. How about Afghanistan, pulling out our troops from Bagram without notifying the Afghan government? Surprise!

The Taliban immediately began operations to take over the country. Where were the drones – the CIA? Welcome to Iraq 11. Did President Biden learn nothing from his experience with ISIS? I saw the Taliban riding in U.S. armored carriers and humvees. How many thousands were executed on the way to Kabal?

Let’s see, one president was impeached for a phone call. What can we expect for our present president? Would impeachment be appropriate? Sometimes common sense isn’t common.