After reading Schweikert’s explanation for not voting for impeachment, I was wondering if he implied that he approved of the five people who died, or all the damage to the Capitol Building? He stated to the reporter his focus is on conquering ongoing issues instead of seeking prosecution for a president who fomented a riot by telling his audience to march on the Capitol and then proclaim he had no knowledge of their plans. Of course, DJT then retreated to the White House and watched events unfold on TV without so much as sending a tweet to call off the hooligans.

Schweikert says to put politics aside and put the country first. Let the representative explain, when was the last time he followed his own advice and put politics aside? It would seem to be a case of hypocrisy, as I don’t remember the last time I saw where we witnessed a mob and then said they can run scot-free with impunity. Schweikert should know better than most that there is a price to pay for breaking the laws of our nation.

Because the riot unfolded live on TV, we have millions who witnessed the crimes live and, if we didn’t, they are repeated nightly on the news. He may think he is playing to his base, but the base is evolving around him.