International Women’s Day is an opportunity to come together to speak out for a world where socialist and feminist ideals and values can be promoted and celebrated. Ideals and values will lead us to a new socialist world. Ideals and values cannot be fulfilled under capitalism and patriarchy. That’s the truth. That’s our power.

Socialist feminism confronts the common root of sexism, racism and classism: the determination of a life of oppression or privilege based on accidents of birth or circumstances. Socialist feminism is an inclusive way of creating social change. We value synthesis and cooperation rather than conflict and competition.

We work against the exploitation and oppression of women who live with lower wages, inferior working conditions and subordination in the home, in society and politics. Socialists struggle for the full freedom of all people to control their own bodies and reproductive systems and to determine their own sexual orientation.

We stand for the right of women to choose to have a safe and legal abortion, at no cost, regardless of age, race or circumstance. Women’s independent organizations and caucuses are essential to full liberation, both before and after the transformation to socialism. Women will define their own liberation. These comments are from the Socialist Party USA Statement of Principles.