Another very important vote by the P&Z and Town Council looms regarding the issuance of a 24-hour use permit for the medical facility at Saguaro and Trevino. It’s been over a year since all the neighbors gave their support for this developer with only the stipulation that they follow the town ordinances and requirements to operate 24/7.

Thus far they have failed to do so. Instead of following the requirements set forth in the town’s ordinances, they use a never-ending PR campaign on how wonderful this business will be for the town and that the direct neighbors should be sacrificed for the good of the town, paraphrasing Betsy LaVoie from her speech at the May 11 P&Z meeting.

It began with a promise to build something compatible “Per Town Ordinance-Architecture Chapter 19.04 G. Avoid standardized corporate design themes: Any literal transplant of architectural styles not indigenous or compatible to the southwest environment is strongly discouraged.” Of course they didn’t, and now are constructing the exact problems that should prohibit the issuance of a 24-hour use permit. This sets up the conflict that should never have been; support the business or support the residents. Sound familiar? Need I say Daybreak?

The direct residents are not opposed to the facility, they are opposed to the 24-hour use permit until it is built in compliance with the town regulations for such. P&Z has stipulated the correction of numerous items and yet no meeting between the doctors and the neighbors, just more PR. Right now this should be a “no” vote. Pay close attention in the coming weeks and watch how the Council votes. Will they stand with the residents who trusted the town to do the right thing or will they ignore residents again? When will it end? Remember Daybreak!