The town’s self-proclaimed “disruptor” and veritable expert on everything, Bob Shelstrom, is now a lone wolf candidate seeking one of three open Sanitary District board seats. He has placed a slew of misleading signs all over town. This is part of a continuing pattern of deceptive campaign behavior which should disqualify him from holding any position of public trust.

After a relatively recent failed attempt to secure unrelated elective office in which he repeatedly twisted and misrepresented facts, these signs are proof positive that his strategy of attempting to prevail by hoodwinking the public continues.

The signs claim he is an engineer; so does his Facebook site. He is not credentialed and registered as such in Arizona. Furthermore, his signs depict a water drop-shaped cartoon character holding a glass of drinking water. However, the effluent from Sanitary District facilities is absolutely not for drinking, washing or any other domestic use! The effluent is stored underground and eventually used to irrigate town parks and several golf courses. Drinking water is the sole province of Epcor, a private company whose system has nothing whatever to do with that of the Sanitary District on whose board this individual is desperate to be seated.

The signage is a clever but dishonest attempt to create the false impression that his election is necessary to insure the sanctity of our drinking water when, in fact, the district is all about waste water! Return our experienced and capable incumbents to the board: Butler, Maroon and Thomson. Don’t be hoodwinked. When your ballot arrives, vote for BMT!