Vote no to Prop 427 and 428! Daybreak has been a highly contested project from the beginning and soon became super-charged when concerned citizens at Town Council meetings voiced their opposition. On more than one occasion the Town Council cancelled or tabled discussions on Daybreak when they realized the amount of citizens present who were opposed to the project.

The Council’s response was to label us all “vigilantes.” MCSO Deputies were present – intimidation? Who gave the Town Council the authority to overturn the decisions of Planning and Zoning, who voted against Daybreak? Unfortunately, the Town Council and other town members continue to insult the intelligence of the residents of Fountain Hills with their Machiavellian philosophies, thinking that they know better than we as to what is acceptable for us and our town. After all, it is we who will have to contend with more poor decisions made by the Town Council.

In a last-ditch effort to get what they want through deception, Daybreak supporters mailed each resident a copy of their fake “Fountain Hills Press.” This rag purported to be a publication endorsed by the Town, complete with a town directory and a full-page statement from our former mayor. This was another underhanded tactic by Daybreak to seek to legitimize the project and deceive the Fountain Hills community.

Sorry, Daybreak. The citizens of this town will not be deceived or bullied by your big-budget attempt to buy the election. We are too smart for your big signs and your big-money election schemes.

Should this project pass, not only will it leave a scar on the pristine property, but also forever on the hearts and minds of the citizens of Fountain Hills.