This is my impassioned plea to voters. It is a time to stop suffering the lies, misinformation used to manipulate and the incompetent leadership. It is time for us, as a nation, to join together and vote our higher conscience to save our democracy from the impending tyranny of fascism that Trump, Fox and his willing supporters accept.

He is the swamp. Not all Republicans are Trump Republicans. I was a Republican once. I believe true Republicans, Independents and Democrats value and mourn the destruction of truth, trust, equality, true faith and a true patriotism that we have lost over the last four years under his incompetent, self-serving lack of leadership.

We all continue to witness the uncomfortable destruction of our Democracy, including the spoon feeding of hate and division that plays out even on the small-town stage. Wake up and smell the coffee! It is Trump that has created this sick reality show of extreme discord with his hate-filled rhetoric. It is time to step up and vote for what is right, what is truly patriotic.

We are sick with the constant lies, the deaths and cases beyond any other nation on this earth from the coronavirus and trying to undermine a healthcare system that should serve all. We are sick of the unfounded claims of ownership of the economy, handed to him after being saved by the Obama /Biden administration following the Bush years debacle recession. Trump’s economy – a corporate socialist agenda that benefits only the wealthy.

And we will not abide his fascist-leaning ownership of our police. We all support the police, but we need to prosecute the bad apples, enlist positive, supportive reform, end systemic racism and support BLM with real legislation for change.

Vote for our democracy! Vote for Biden!