Essential workers are working for you to keep you healthy and to keep your stores open and keep you fed. But many doctors, nurses and other essential workers do not have the luxury to “take time off” when they get sick or have to care for a sick child or elderly parent. They have to continue to work so that they can put food on the table for their families.

The House has passed the Heroes Act, which includes a wide range of essential provisions, including aid to our states with funds to prevent cuts to essential services like education, health care and public safety; funding for coronavirus medical treatment and testing; direct aid for struggling families; a boost to SNAP (supplemental nutrition assistance program) to buy food for low income families’ children; increases to housing support; extensions of jobless benefits and paid leave; the ability for people to vote by mail this November; and repeals $250 billion in tax handouts to millionaire business owners.

Now, it’s up to the Senate to pass legislation that addresses those same priorities. Please write or phone your Senator and urge him/her to pass the Heroes Act. It is time to watch out for these heroes!