What could be more important than access to quality, affordable healthcare? Unfortunately, unless Congress takes action, something called the Health Insurance Tax could make healthcare less affordable in the coming years.

For Arizona seniors on a Medicare Advantage plan, like me, the “HIT” could mean hundreds in added costs. That’s a lot of money for seniors who live on fixed incomes and can’t afford to shell out more for healthcare. But perhaps most important is that we maintain access to the quality benefits offered by Medicare Advantage, including wellness checkups, gym memberships and other preventive care options, all at no extra charge. Losing Medicare Advantage could directly impact our health.

Congress can stop this. The Health Insurance Tax Relief Act of 2019 has bipartisan support, including both of our Senators, Sinema and McSally. This legislation will suspend the HIT so it doesn’t raise healthcare costs for Arizona families, including seniors who rely on a Medicare Advantage plan to stay healthy, active and independent.

There’s not much time left before Congress adjourns for the year. I ask that our elected officials urge congressional leaders to bring this issue to a vote before we all face higher costs for the healthcare we need.