My husband and I have been reading articles and letters about a detox facility in Fountain Hills. We must declare that we have had a close relationship with such a facility. We imagine there are many of us who have had friends or loved ones who have needed such a facility.

The term “detox facility” was not defined in the articles. But in reality, it is a medical facility. It follows specific protocols to guarantee the patient goes through withdrawal in a safe manner. Recovery facilities are different. The clients may live in or outside of the facility. Wherever they live, they participate in educational and support group sessions guided by recovery professionals.

Being a recovering alcoholic or drug addict is a daily job. Alcoholism and drug addiction are illnesses. These individuals are similar to you and me; lawyers, housewives, teachers, dentists, athletes and the homeless. These folks are ill, seeking help, just as you would if you were sick.

As for Larry Meyers, we are not sure what type of facility he visited, but we do question his story. Facility clients have the right to anonymity and shame on anyone for injecting themselves into that environment. He was likely asked to identify himself and give his business for being there. If he were outside on public property, some interaction must have occurred for him to be hassled. His letter uses fear to support his agenda.

It is our understanding Fountain Hills Recovery hasn’t asked for anything yet. Please get the facts and educate yourself about the proposal when it is presented. Fountain Hills is a caring community. It could be just the location for the healing of the mind and body. We ask our community to embrace this sector of our community.