“I want my freedom to die.” That is what the anti-vaxxers are screaming to the high heavens for. They want to be free to get sick, fill up the ICU beds overwhelming doctors and nurses, and make all our dedicated medical personnel watch them die for freedom.

These freedom fighters don’t care about the people they are leaving behind. Wives, husbands, sons, daughters and friends are left wondering why a person would choose death over getting a vaccine shot. All of us have had vaccines since we were born. We didn’t get to choose which vaccines were given to us. The shots were mandatory to protect us and others.

So why, given that a COVID vaccine shot is free and has proven to keep almost everyone from dying, would anyone choose to have the freedom to die and mess up everyone’s life? Common sense used to be what determined what a person would do in their life. That is a rare commodity in these times. Maybe everyone should be taught that in school, before they throw that aside and choose death over life.