I write to express gratitude. We are fortunate to have a true community here in Fountain Hills, as illustrated by our many community events throughout the year, allowing families to bond with one another at the Fountain.

I appreciate our Mayor’s address to be kind as we move through the current alarming and fluid health scare. I appreciate that our grocery stores remain open despite the strain on stock and especially their employees, some of which are a mere 14 years old and others that are in the at-risk group – Thank you. I would also like to thank the school district for their consistent updates and keeping basic family needs in mind, free breakfast/lunch programs and employees that relay on work to be paid. I thank the EMS and MCSO, who are here to help when called.

I would like to propose that while we respect social distancing, our community begin to brainstorm ways to stay connected and support families that are financially affected and potentially devastated by loss of income. SRP has halted disconnects and evictions have been halted. But, these families need food as well. How can we, despite the shortness of supplies, help? Maybe there are food drives in place and I am unaware. Maybe we can use stocked items from other drives.

I do not know how we manage but it is my opinion we find a way to mitigate the costly affects in our community or recovery will be long in coming. This is my opinion, but I hope others find it an interesting prose and we begin to plan for recovery now.