More than once in the past I’ve viewed on television news, a story of an unmoving person lying on the sidewalk of a metropolitan city. The stories reveal the large number of people ignoring a prostrated person as they walked by or stepped over a person. Obviously, there weren’t any concerned good Samaritan genes in those individuals.

Recently I was about to place my mail into the mailbox at Bashas’ but fell, dropping the mail. Immediately, a lady asked, “Can I help you get up?” She instructed, as she placed her hands under my arms, “As I raise you, push down on your left leg with your left hand.” Within seconds I was back up on my feet. She collected my mail, handing it back to me.

Then a man offered, “Let me help steady you.” Then the lady brought a chair. He helped me get seated and called 911. The lady departed while the man stood by me until the first responders arrived. I asked, “What’s your name?” He answered, “Bob.” I sincerely thanked Bob for his helping me. He responded, “That’s alright. Someday I may need help, myself.”

I sincerely wish I knew both of their names so I again could more personally thank them. If I, unfortunately, had been the individual in the news story, I’d more than likely still be lying on the sidewalk. So, I really hope through this media, I may publicly and genuinely thank those two wonderful people who are filled with precious good Samaritan genes. They certainly are symbolic of the angels of Fountain Hills. That’s why I love living in Fountain Hills for over 20 years.