I am a testament to the fact that many of our neighbors and friends are good people and will be there for you when you need it.

A few weeks ago, my garbage can hit an immovable object at my garage door when I was bringing it in on garbage day. I was pulled over and down very severely to the cement of the driveway. Stunned, I was slow in getting up and before I could, a young man came running up to ask if I was all right and could he help me to my feet. By that time several people had joined him. I learned that they had been driving by, saw my fall and immediately stopped to come to my rescue.

Molly Miller, her son Christopher and friends from Ohio were on their way home to Molly’s house via my street, a route that they rarely use to go home. They all helped me into my house, called the paramedics and waited until the paramedics arrived. They encouraged me to go to the hospital because of the blood thinner I take every day. One of the young men in the car, a nursing student, encouraged me to do that, which I probably wouldn’t have done otherwise.

After three CTs, I learned that I didn’t have any broken bones or bleeding in the brain. The golf-sized knot above my eye and my blackened face attested to the severity of my contact with the cement, but otherwise I was fine.

Molly (I asked her if I could use her name) has called me more than once since then to make sure I was doing all right. Thank you, Molly, and all good friends and neighbors who remember the Golden Rule. Good Samaritans, all!