On Tuesday, April 28, at approximately 10:30 a.m. at the intersection of Palisades and Palomino, I was involved in a serious bike accident. No automobiles were involved.

Immediately after I hit a sharp curb on the east side of Palisades at a speed of about 25 miles per hour, I flipped over the handlebars and landed on the concrete sidewalk, which resulted in several broken ribs and a punctured lung. A kind gentleman was walking against traffic on the sidewalk on the east side of Palisades and was in the immediate vicinity of my bike crash. This gentleman immediately came to my aid. I can only hope he is reading this short letter.

I would like to thank you again, sir, for your incredible act of kindness. I was severely shaken and did not ask your name. Thank you for taking the time to stay with me, over 20 minutes, and offering to call for emergency medical treatment. Thank you again for holding my bike while I put the chain back on. Sir, you truly define “good neighbor” and “good Samaritan.” I am sincerely grateful for you putting your faith into action. God bless you!