Here’s some good news and kudos for a job well done – just the last six months under the leadership of Mayor Ginny Dickey.

Safety corridors were established by council in Dec. 2020 on Saguaro, Palisades and Fountain Hills Blvd., where nearly 40 percent of the traffic stops occur; about 65 percent were for speeding. Oh, and street repairs and improvements continue all over town.

An Active Transportation Plan was developed for bikes, pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles. It involves improvements to streets, sidewalks and trails. And a Parks Master Plan is underway, too.

In Jan. 2021, council approved an ordinance requiring registration of vacation and short-term rentals. The owner must supply contact information for responding to complaints.

In May, the Town updated plan reviews and permit processing and held a forum with contractors to share information and to ensure efficient development processes. In the meantime, three major building projects close to downtown will add nearly 200 dwellings.

Four Peaks Park renovations are nearing completion. Although the EVIT branch was closed, a BIZ HUB came to life – a partnership between the Town, FHUSD and AZ Business Advisors. Three businesses have already moved in with more to come; the building will also be used for community activities.

A new ordinance being considered will require applicants for rezoning and special use permits to talk with property owners within 300 feet of a proposed development before P&Z reviews the case.

Inside Town Hall, upgraded technology has translated into improved community access to meetings and Public Channel 11.

The Fountain pumps have been repaired, and new LED lighting adds a colorful flair.

The Town added electrical charging stations for electric cars in two locations.

And the Fountain Hills Medical Center has been a success.

There’s lots more great things our town has done, but I’ve run out of space.