We all hear about criminal or bad behavior all the time. The Times even has a special Law Enforcement section in each edition. But, we seldom hear about the actions of good or honest people and there is no section in the newspapers for “Good News” and, until this coronavirus situation, TV seldom showed good news.

Right now, I want to congratulate and thank an unknown person who turned in a purse (with all its contents) to the lost and found department at Fry’s on Sunday. My husband, Boe, and I were on our weekly shopping trip. The first of their motorized shopping carts that I tried had a discharged battery and wouldn’t operate. I moved to a different cart, but forgot my purse and shawl. At checkout, my purse and wallet were not in the cart.

Boe and I were panicked. He ran out of the store to check the cart area and our car. Not there. Then, at lost and found, the customer service agent looked and did not find it. A second customer service agent came over and located the purse and shawl.

Meanwhile, my groceries were on the checkout belt. The cashier was very patient and calming. The customer next in line did not complain or make any comment. Despite the temporary upset moment, all in all it was a good day.

All Fry’s employees encountered during the entire shopping trip were courteous and helpful; the store was clean and employees were busy restocking. Other customers were social-distancing as much as possible and when we got close, almost all said “excuse me,” as Boe and I also did. But most of all, we felt relief and once again appreciated the honesty and kindness of others.