I’ve lived here long enough to know that, like a comet, the Fountain Hills General Plan comes around every 10 years for renewal. The last one was in 2010. So, a new one was unanimously approved by the Town Council in May but needs to be ratified by the voters of Fountain Hills. It will be on the ballot this Nov. 3 as Proposition 450. You can go to fh.az.gov and scroll down to “Fountain Hills General Plan 2020” to read detailed explanations and the plan in its entirety.

An introductory paragraph reads, “A general plan guides the Town Council and staff in making decisions as the town continues to grow and experience change. It is the foundation used to establish zoning regulations, develop our Strategic Plan, create Capital Improvements Plans, amend the Town Code and can be used as support to solicit grant funding.”

Again, you can read the complete plan and get a clear understanding of what it is and its importance on the town’s website, fh.az.gov.

Given that we have no property tax as any town this size should, any source of additional funding could be critical, just as one example of one aspect of what it provides. Three major areas of impact are managing the quality of our neighborhoods, the environment and economic development.

So, I urge you as responsible members of the community to check it out, read what’s in it and vote for it on the coming ballot. Again, look for Prop 450 for the Fountain Hills General Plan. Sound like a plan? Generally speaking? Good.