Every 10 years our town is required to create a General Plan. State law requires all towns to ask voters to approve the future plans and goals.

The General Plan addresses what we want our town to do on topics such as natural resources, building the town, connectivity among communities, social development and infrastructure. It serves as a blueprint for managing growth consistent with the community’s vision.

In May our Town Council approved the General Plan. The vote was unanimous. That doesn’t happen very often. It illustrates the importance of the General Plan. It illustrates that the General Plan voted on by Town Council was well crafted. It was crafted after numerous meetings and lots of input by citizens, business groups, School Board and many others.

Now it is our turn. State law requires that the voters approve the General Plan. It will be on the November ballot as Proposition 450, along with a couple of other propositions. Please take the time to find it and to vote for it.

Also, take the time to review the General Plan. It can be found on the Town website. The link is fh.az.gov. Type “General Plan 2020” into the search box. The Town website includes the entire General Plan (153 pages), as well as a shorter Plan Overview and several topic summaries.

The General Plan describes our town as a “Memorable Oasis,” noting our commitment to “preservation of the natural desert, its abundant wildlife, scenic qualities and dark skies.” The plan lays the groundwork for keeping our town as that “Memorable Oasis.”

Please take the time to learn about the General Plan and, more importantly, to find and vote for Proposition 450 on the November ballot.