I read with interest on how our town managers wish to raise money for their General Fund. I am not against raising money for dedicated projects such as necessary street maintenance or repairs on town facilities or establishing our own police department – key word here is necessary – but putting it into the General Fund (slush fund) to be used by this or future councils on their pet projects, I am against.

General Fund abuse runs rampant in our federal, state and local governments. Funds need to be dedicated for a specific purpose, otherwise they will be abused. Most of our elected officials have a way of wasting money on frivolous projects.

We need to look very seriously at establishing our own police department. The MCSO raising our rent-a-cop agreement by 10 percent a year for 10 years is ridiculous. That is going to be a 100 percent increase. Do the math. We need officers who live in and know our community, not ones who are here on occasion.

I can support raising money for a dedicated purpose but not for a general fund.