I found a cell phone on the ground (Palisades near the High School). I thought I would try to reunite it with its owner. That became an adventure that still does not have an end. Along the way, I learned some things that we should all know in case we lose our own phone.

The phone I found was login protected, but I was able to determine the service provider. At the outlet store, the staff managed to find something they called an IMEI number. After asking if I had the same provider (Yes), they handed back the phone and said I could call the service.

After calling and waiting 15 minutes for a call back, I spoke with a pleasant service representative. She determined that the IMEI number did not give her the ability to determine the owner. She suggested I take the phone to a local outlet. Been there, done that.

I took the phone to the Town offices and there I learned how to see if the owner had put in contact info. Here’s a tip on that, which I have now done on my own phone. Before logging in to your phone, select the “emergency call” option on the login screen. Then you can enter other phones/persons to call. I was going to leave the phone with the Town to go into lost and found, but decided to see if I could somehow manage to get the phone back to its owner.

This is my last try to return the phone. If you are “Rudi” and this is your phone, please send me an email at foundaphoneFH@gmail.com. If you haven’t put emergency contact info in your phone, do it now!