I am an American who loves my country for what it was and what it represents. It is a nation built on people from diverse nationalities and beliefs. Now our President has done everything possible to stop those immigrants which could, as in the past, enrich and strengthen our nation of immigrants.

In his first campaign, he categorized Mexicans as rapist or gang members, portrayed Muslims as terrorists, Africans as barbarians, and Central Americans form convoys to invade at the border. He has characterized those within the country who demonstrate for equal rights as terrorists, socialists, anarchists and looters.

At the same time, he has ignored his national intelligence service, who warned that the most serious threat was from the extreme right. He has given verbal support to the extreme right and created an even strong hostility between the opposing, peaceful and aggressive organizations.

At the same time, he has portrayed the conflicts and hostility, which he helps create, as threats to the majority. In spite of the fact that he has been our leader and president for the past four years, he blames his opposition as the cause of these escalating conflicts. His major campaign message is that “only I can save us from the conflict” (which he has created).

All other Presidents – indeed almost all other reasonable, responsible leaders – would attempt to reconcile the conflicts, lessen the hostility between the opposing groups and extinguish the flame of conflict. President Trump, instead of being a fireman who should attempt to cool the conflicts by dousing them with cooling water and reconciliation, pours gasoline and hatred on the fire. He is no fireman, but is an arsonist in making what should be a small fire of conflict into one which covers the entire nation and all citizens.