Fountain Hills resident Jerry Sheridan wants to be sheriff. A few facts; a little history.

Sheridan was Joe Arpaio’s chief deputy when Arpaio and Sheridan were costing the taxpayers approximately $150 million for their violations of the law. Arpaio’s defense to several of the allegations was that he knew nothing about what was going on, because Jerry Sheridan oversaw those activities.

The federal judge who heard the testimony wrote a scathing opinion and issued detailed “Findings of Fact” finding Arpaio and Sheridan in civil contempt. Sheridan is identified 280 times in the judge’s report.

The report states Sheridan knowingly violated court orders. He made “knowing misstatements of fact” to the press, to the public, to other sheriff deputies, to the judge, and to the court-appointed monitor.

Sheridan concealed some evidence, destroyed other evidence and then misrepresented his actions. The judge found that Sheridan “did so in a knowing and bad faith attempt to avoid the court’s order requiring the MCSO to disclose” key information in the case.

Sheridan failed as an administrator. He suppressed investigations. He “manipulated the timing on investigations so he has a self-created justification for imposing no discipline, or only minor discipline” on certain deputies.

Sheridan was charged with misconduct. Sheridan and Arpaio appointed a deputy who Sheridan then supervised to consider the misconduct charges. The deputy “preliminarily sustained” the charges of misconduct, but then reversed himself upon reconsideration of Sheridan’s “character.”

Sheridan wants to be sheriff. He didn’t follow the laws when he was chief deputy to Arpaio. Do taxpayers want to again pay for so-called “policing” by someone of such questionable character? Isn’t $150 million enough?

Before voting for Sheridan (or Arpaio), read the federal judge’s Findings of Fact dated 5/13/2016 in Melendez v. Arpaio et al, CV-07-2512-PHX-GMS filed in the Phoenix federal courthouse.