Fountain Hills Medical Center, thank you for saving my life.

A couple of Sundays ago, I suddenly woke up with a sharp pain in my head and a loss of feeling in my right arm. The pain and numbness were rapidly increasing for about four to five minutes and then suddenly stopped. I had no residual effects of this episode at all.

I went about a normal Sunday morning, walking my dog and having a leisurely breakfast. Relaxing in my recliner and reading online about my symptoms, I decided to drive over to the Fountain Hills Medical Center to get checked out. Courteous and easy check-in, followed by a short wait to see someone.

I described my episode from earlier that morning. Vitals were taken by the nurse and soon after, Dr. Yarlagadda came into the examination room to try and diagnose me. An electrocardiogram was taken, along with a CAT Scan. Soon after, Dr. Yarlagadda sat down with me to go over his findings. He discovered that I had a lesion in my left brain and I had a mild stroke. He recommended I should go over to Mayo Clinic for overnight observation. I told him I'd drive over, but he said I need to get an ambulance transport. Arrangements were made and I arrived at Mayo in the early evening.

A whirlwind of tests and doctors started immediately culminating in brain surgery to remove my tumor that Wednesday. My surgeon told me how lucky I was to have this discovered, since the alternative was not good.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dr. Yarlagadda and your team, for saving my life and having a very optimistic prognosis for a long and healthy life. Fountain Hills, the FHMC is a godsend and we are all blessed to have it in our town.