“Government does not tax to get the money it needs; government always finds a need for the tax money it gets.” President Reagan’s wisdom in this quote fits Mayor Dickey’s proposed fee and tax increases perfectly.

Mayor Dickey is forcing a $4 million yearly fee/tax increase package on the community without resident consent, far exceeding any public safety “need.”

The budget shows no need for additional public safety revenue in 2019, a $410,000 imbalance in 2021, and $1,524,200 and $2,268,447 imbalances in following years, averaging $1,050,661 per year. Police and fire costs are projected to increase averaging $681,463/ year included in that number. Mayor Dickey couldn’t even justify the $4 million dollars in her “fee justification report.”

It’ll be interesting to see how The Times addresses this issue. So why are Mayor Dickey, Councilmen Alan Magazine and Dennis Brown forcing $4 million per year from the community on new taxes and fees without “public safety” funding need? Apparently the usual two political reasons; pork and patronage.

Councilman Brown is on record pushing salary raises from 2 percent to 3.5 percent to “keep top employees,” yet couldn’t provide evidence that we compensate uncompetitively. We’ve recently hired top people from Chandler and Gilbert. Perhaps this was to have 70 employees and friends in his political debt, along with his pet “roundabout” project.

Councilman Magazine is on record as stating there are other capital projects on which he’d like to spend. Perhaps his “pet projects” will eat up much of the gouging.

Vice Mayor Tolis has pledged to oppose the tax and fee increases, but Councilpersons Spelich (480-408-4641), Leckrone (480-747-5744), and Scharnow (480-226-6524) have yet to commit.

Reagan also said, “If you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat!” Perhaps it’s time we called the uncommitted councilpersons and gave them “Reaganesque” heat!