In my daily exercise of walking, I see many people wearing masks. The mask is a symbol of fear. This fear has limited social interaction and has people going out of their way to avoid others. Smiles are almost non-existent.

There isn’t conclusive scientific evidence that you can get COVID-19 outside. We should remember that science is fact, not consensus. Dr. Fauci was seen outside at a Washington Nationals baseball game next to another person. No mask or fear for the good doctor, yet the media, the politicians, Drs. Birx and Fauci have driven this fear almost daily.

The media reports the number of cases and deaths but rarely mentions the 99.5 percent recovery rate for people under 65 and 94.5 percent recovery rate for those over 65.

There is a huge difference between living and avoiding death. We only have one life. Living life to the fullest should be our goal. Back in the day, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen hosted “Life is worth Living.” Fear and mask-wearing weren’t part of his plan.

Dennis Prager mentioned on his nationally syndicated program that while the virus is a serious health issue, if it was half as serious as we are told, then politicians and media members shouldn’t be out in public without a mask, yet Pelosi and mayor Lightfoot were maskless when having their hair done. Governor Newsom hosted a maskless dinner party at a restaurant. Chris Cuomo tested positive for the virus, yet he was out and about and was maskless in his apartment elevator.

There are many other politicians who violate the orders they demand we follow. These people are members of the “rules for thee, but not for me” crowd.

It’s time for us to put away these symbols of fear while walking outside in our beautiful town.