We now have more than four years’ experience with Donald Trump’s call to “Make America Great Again.” What have we learned? Have we succeeded in restoring America to levels matching the visions of our forefathers? Have we restored the respect that the United States held in the years following World War II?

I suggest that rather than returning to greatness, we have slid into the abyss of disrespect and international mockery. We are now a nation consumed by internal conflicts and raw, raging divisions. Why?

I suggest there are multiple reasons for the decline in respect for America. Some of them, such as racism and sexism, have been building for years. Others, such as the angst of middle class, blue-collar workers, are more recent; products of what they perceive to be a system rigged for the benefit of the mega-rich, multi-national corporations, and people who do not share their worldview.

I suggest yet another cause, a cause brought on by Donald Trump and his enabler minions: a slide into fascist dictatorship. Such a shocking accusation must be supported by facts.

A recent scholarly article listed 14 points that mark Fascism: 1) Powerful, continuing nationalism; 2) Disdain for recognition of human rights: 3) Identification of enemies and scapegoats as a unifying cause; 4) Supremacy of the military; 5) Rampant sexism; 6) Controlled mass media; 7) Obsession with national security; 8) Religion and government are intertwined; 9) Corporate power is protected; 10) Labor power is suppressed; 11; Disdain for intellectuals and the arts; 12) Obsession with crime and punishment; 13) Rampant cronyism and corruption; 14) fraudulent elections.

If this list seems like Donald Trump’s America to you, I suggest that it is time to “clean house.” Exercise your right to vote.