It is not breaking news that everything we think, say or do is a choice. We make our choices based on our mind’s interpretation of our perceptions. Sometimes things may not be as they appear. This is where biases come in. We are currently flooded with information and misinformation in newspapers, radio, TV and the Internet.

Regarding statistics, the first rule of statistics is “liars figure and figures lie.” (Sometimes.) Statistics are often used to “support” a pre-determined position. It is called the power of legitimacy.

Fact check. When listening or watching the major news sources, it pays for us to not just accept the data, but to verify the reporting through such sources as,, worldometers and others. As President Reagan said, “Trust, but verify.”

Gut feel. We can double-check out brain response (computer processing) with our gut feel (core beliefs).

Investigative reporters are the reporters who research the facts and then draw a conclusion.

A story about making choices: Sigmund Freud is said to have occasionally made decisions based on the flip of a coin. Try it sometime. “Heads, I will (blank); tails, I won’t (blank).” Then see how you feel about the outcome. Your subconscious will provide the answer.