Your photo display entitled “A weekend filled with music and art” on page 8A of the Wednesday, April 14, edition was quite eye-catching. So eye-catching that I noted only one person (upper right corner) wearing a mask.

Who were these people? Snowbirds from states where the pandemic no longer exists? Surely, they couldn’t be Fountain Hills residents! Fountain Hills residents would never be so irresponsible as to assemble during a pandemic under the circumstances depicted in the photos.

My wife and I have been vaccinated, but if I or any member of my family were not, nonattendance would have been a foregone conclusion. I hope those on the local political level (mayor, council, etc.) who authorized these events do their due diligence and follow up with an investigation of the consequences to the attendees a few weeks in the future.

Just seems I saw a lot of vacant smiles in those pictures. I hope those smiles are still there in a month.