On April 29, I filed an ethics complaint with the Town of Fountain Hills regarding remarks that Councilman David Spelich made about a local business and its owner at the April 7 town council meeting.

The Times reported on June 17 that Cecil Patterson, Jr., the ethics review officer for the Town of Fountain Hills, concluded after an ethics inquiry that Mr. Spelich had indeed violated the council’s Code of Ethics in his April 7 remarks.

I was glad that the town council, which had the option to reject Judge Patterson’s findings and recommendations, did not do so, choosing instead to accept his report. The council could have taken the additional step of admonishing Mr. Spelich, but decided against it.

Judge Patterson recommended that Mr. Spelich review the Code of Ethics, focusing on its underlying philosophy and spirit.

I thought, as I listened to Mr. Spelich’s comments at the April 7 meeting: It could be any individual or any business in this town that he publicly singles out and targets from the council dais if we happen to annoy him. This should not occur.

I supported Mr. Spelich’s candidacy for council and had one of his campaign signs in my yard. I am disappointed in his behavior in this instance. Did he give any thought at all to the negative effects that his public remarks could potentially have on this business, its owner and employees? I hope he understands why his comments were out of line.

In the future, Mr. Spelich and all council members need to be circumspect in what they say about local residents and businesses in open public session.