Have we all had enough? Twitter has now banned, for life, Trump supporter and My Pillow icon, Mike Lindell! The official Czar of American Censorship, Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, continues to choke off any speech that disagrees with his and the liberal left’s philosophy. Can book burning be far behind?

I don’t use Twitter, but those of you who do should take a page from Trump’s TV show and “fire” Twitter today. As a public company, the loss of millions of users means Twitter has less to sell to sponsors, which equals lower profit margins for the social media giant. Similarly, any corporation that depends on public consumption or usage needs to be on the receiving end of the same Twitter-type shunning.

Trump’s 74 million voters need to fight back with their buying power. Cancel offending businesses. Look what happened to the NBA when viewers and fans left them due to their wrong-headed embrace of BLM. Pro basketball viewership dropped like a cannon ball in a lake and sponsors bailed. Figure out where you can fight back and do it now.