How many people feel that the media is demoralizing and lying to us? Our leaders are not speaking up, promises they made aren’t being fulfilled, just rhetoric and excuses; basically not standing up for us.

Fear leads to anger, hate and violence, which we are experiencing in many cities. NYC, LA, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit and Baltimore are just the start.

Taking down statues, destroying businesses and our history has strayed away from the original message of the peaceful protestors. They have been taken over by drama addicts from a failed education system pleasing only a fraction of the population. The ultimate measure of a person is not when they stand in moments of comfort and convenience, but stand in times of challenge and controversy.

Now is not the time to defund, dismantle or reduce law enforcement. Without public support, police will continue to resign, retire and not even join. Without qualified immunity, who would want this job? If you arrest someone and then they can turn around and sue you, what’s the point in the arrest?

Cops don’t make enough to be able to pay for an additional insurance policy. We all lose by disbanding anti-crime, SVU, major case units, to name a few. Without the expertise of the senior members, who will train those who follow? Guns sales have reached an all-time high in June. People will start to defend themselves. Is this really what you want?

When you call 911 and no one answers, will you wake up then? Maybe you should wait until you, your family or friends need help. Then it will be too late.