Thanks to the Founding Fathers for sparing us a President Rodham Clinton. We weren’t aware locally of there being an Electoral College issue until a few years ago. It became an issue with a vote of the Arizona House by a group of naïve, uninformed representatives. Once the issue was explained to them the majority immediately felt embarrassed and regretted their vote.

We were then reminded of the issue with the canned argument by John Nickum two weeks ago in The Times. I know some still cannot face the fact that Donald Trump is our President! Viewing a predominately dark red map showing the majority of U.S. counties won by Trump should, in itself, be enough to endorse the decision made by the Founders to allow all areas of the country being represented when selecting a President.

The facts are that Trump won the vast majority of U.S. counties: 2,649 to Clinton’s 503 (TIME’s count). That’s between 75-85 percent of the geographic United States. The Founding Fathers would be mighty proud. Clinton won 88 of the 100 largest counties (including Washington, D.C.). Without these 100 largest counties she would have lost by 11.5 million votes.

As we are aware, some of these largest counties incorporate big cities such as Chicago, Detroit, L.A., San Francisco, New York City. Who runs these big cities? Democrats! Ask yourself, do you want their kind of leadership running this country? I think not!

Small-town issues and rural values will no longer be their concern. The Electoral College has, on the other hand, given us competitive and fair elections for more than two centuries. This Electoral College issue only arose because it frustrates Democrats’ efforts to elect radical Socialists to the office of the Presidency – those outside the mainstream – and thus they want to change the rule.