All the proven historic measures indicate there was a conspiracy to negate U.S. voters by rigging the 2020 election results. After convincing themselves that they must have ultimate power they misled, confused and nullified the entire electorate. They scorn all Americans that question their motivation.

Election conspiracy is only the latest attempt to exterminate the opposing party. Their malfeasance has been afoot for four years. It began in 2016 with the attempted ouster of the elected outsider that labeled them swamp creatures and pledged to drain away their unholy breeding grounds.

After years of propagating unfounded lies, the party leaders appointed a special counsel/investigator to be their hatchet man. The attempt was extended as long as possible, but finally the special counsel/investigator admitted he failed.

Radical congress members then attempted a second purge using impeachment to slander and condemn the political outsider. The series of biased witnesses failed to make a case and the outsider was exonerated.

The coup members announced they would use the pandemic crisis to take advantage of the public. They perpetrated their crime in plain sight using the virus, death and fear to implode national distress. They added in violent civil unrest, looting, and arson to aggravate the national tension. Their ugly plan was sadly working.

With the last arrow in their quiver the radicals summoned all their resources to cause chaos and disrupt the 2020 election. No one can explain why vote counting stopped in the middle of the night or how the vote tally in specific regions was contrary to all measurable metrics.

Knowing that your vote truly matters will die unless someone musters the courage to stop the homicide. The rescue is not complicated. A Uniform Election Law must be enacted to ensure that only legally verified votes are counted one time.