With the recent meeting at our Community Center of the Liberal Ladies of Fountain Hills, it is clear Critical Race Theory is still on their agenda. Their speaker was an expert on CRT.

For the first time in many decades of voting, I’m paying close attention to the local School Board races. There have been lots of education issues swirling around nationally and huge uprisings over what is being taught to our kids; shockingly to educators. The teachers’ union parents are now considered to be the enemy.

I’m especially concerned about an individual running for our Town Council, Cindy Couture, who is a retired Fountain Hills teacher. She was at the Liberal Ladies meeting, but of greatest concern is that Couture is a woman who has espoused very far left liberal views on social media. She also has said parents should just “get out of the way and let the professionals do the teaching.” There has been a pretty strong “voting with their feet” movement of parents opting to send their children to schools outside of our town.

Financial issues have plagued the District as student population diminishes. Two of the more liberal Board members are not running again. So, for School Board I’m voting for the moms: Libby Settle, mother to 13, and parent Madicyn Reid. Both will be strong watchdogs and voices for transparency in our schools and quality education for all children.

As for Council candidate Couture, she is part of the current educational problem, is an avowed liberal and will not be receiving my vote.