The dysfunction at America’s southern border is the manifestation of progressive elitists forcing their beliefs on a society that no longer blindly accepts their selfish propaganda and narratives. Americans believe who they are and what they see, not what some politician or media mouth conjures up for the news cycle. There is strong and growing belief in a self-reliant America.

Biden speaks of unification, but every action is deliberately staged to cause social dysfunction. The progressives are pushing through their single-minded and unpopular ideology by using an irresponsible frenzy of radical executive orders. Biden admits their next goal is to power grab the electoral process away from each state to institutionalize a federal voting system.

As progressives dismantled the Constitution using a thin majority, the entire spectrum of minority representation will be erased. The bipartisan checks and balances will be gone. Freedom and liberty are being washed aside by illegal government mandates and an ambiguous attempt at universal social conformity. Under the disguise of equity, highly discriminatory practices are benefiting selectively targeted groups. The Civil Rights advancements of the past 60 years are being shifted from equality for all, to pay-offs for some. These unlawful discriminatory reward programs for tightly defined groups in exchange for voter support are unconstitutional.

Ignorant hate killed the successful pre-2021 policies on border control, energy independence and other economic progress. Biden allowed hate to overrule logic to erase beneficial programs. Biden saying “that’s not who we are” is not a platform, it’s a deceptive maneuver to cover up coercive and harmful actions.

Look at the dysfunction at southern border. Biden’s talk comes soft, but the actions are harsh, chaotic and divisive. Be who you choose to be, not who the government tries to dictate who they want you to be.