Dust, tiny airborne particles, settles on your stuff and simply lays there. You see it, it annoys, and you try to get rid of it. You work at cleaning it up. But later, no matter what you do, there it is again, dust.

Crumbs are also small, but somewhat larger particles, not airborne; for example, bread crumbs. The slice of bread is desired, not its crumbs lying about.

Hmm, come to think; dust and crumbs are much like a band of bureaucratically led bad government types.

Dust; government workers lying about as much as they can get away with for themselves.

Crumbs; higher, mid-level management types, clearly overpaid for what they actually accomplish. They too lie about while claiming, ironically, that they do the work of the people, or so they tell the voters.

Dust and crumbs, lying about, are of no value. That is why we clean up dust and crumbs. Cleaning up dust and crumbs requires work. That work is difficult and taxing. There it is! There is the answer! Cleaning up after dust and crumbs of bad government is paramount.

Bureaucratically led bad government, by a few mid-level types, wastes taxpayer tax money, which voters are asked to overlook. Bad government overspends its budget and voters are asked to overlook that also.

Bad government tries to appear as good government. Voters are not fooled.

What is desired is competent, good government; a slice of bread, not its crumbs lying about.

There it is, over there. Sweep up and throw out all of the unwanted dust and crumbs quickly.