I enjoyed reading the column by Bob Burns last week, “A fork in the road.” He made some excellent points. Like Bob, I also appreciate history and we certainly all can, and should, learn from it.

The times we’re living in are not totally unique in American history. Extreme, but not unique. Because of technology, we have access to everything anyone says and does, and also the ability for many to use their bully pulpit in ways that spread confusion and distrust. I like that Bob pointed out some examples of the dissension that has permeated our history since the beginning.

But, as he said, we’re still around 240 years later and we will be around at least another 240. We definitely are a mix of independent ideas, and that’s what makes us strong. I just hope we can respect that there are different points of view and maybe we can widen that path down the middle when we come upon that fork in the road. That, and pay attention to that great philosopher, Yogi.