They come from Scottsdale and from Mesa to Fountain Hills because we have an A+ dog park. As a dog park attendee for over 18 years, I often meet visitors, many now friends, from out of town and out of state.

Desert Vista Dog Park is supported by both the Town of Fountain Hills and ADOG (A Dog Owners Group) who, in coordination, have made great improvements and offered wonderful events over the years.

Did you know that ADOG members can have their pups attend rattle snake and poisonous toad aversion training at a discounted rate? Did you know you don’t need to be a member to enjoy a beautiful experience with your best friend(s)? Did you know that when some owners miss, or physically can’t get across our three-acre park to pick up after their dogs, many of our attendees walk around with extra bags to help those owners out?

Smoking, aggressive dogs and un-neutered dogs are not allowed in the dog park. These and other rules are posted at all entrances. If you have concerns about people violating these rules, please contact ADOG or the Town of Fountain Hills.

I understand that some people would like to see a park that is accessed only with a prepaid entrance card. Wow! I can't imagine refusing a loving canine from having fun because their owner is barely able to pay the electric bill.

To those who have concerns about our park, I urge you to take action. Go to, become familiar with our ADOG board members and consider serving on the board. Taking positive action creates better results than complaining and gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling.