After watching the first presidential debate, the number one thought that kept entering my mind as I watched that spectacle is that a house divided against itself cannot stand.

When you use the expression “A house divided against itself cannot stand,” you literally mean that success comes from sticking together and to do anything else is to invoke disaster. For Trump supporters I would ask these questions:

Is Trump getting us to stick together in a pandemic which has killed hundreds of thousands and devastated our economy? Is Trump uniting the country with the pandemic by using science, understanding professionals and by choosing his words carefully? How about bringing us together by using derisive nicknames to Democratic elected officials, and picking fights with blue states or those with Democratic governors?

Moreover, Donald Trump’s use of social media, which he frequently uses to make absurd, outlandish and hateful comments about other politicians, celebrities, private citizens and daily news. What has Trump said or done to unite or bring us together? Not much. He speaks to his base, refuses to listen, lacks empathy, lies chronically and refuses to condemn white nationalists.

Vote carefully in this election. Look at the whole picture and ask yourself what impact can this division make in your own daily lives; more specifically, friendships, neighborhoods, common decency and a sense of community? Is it all about that stock portfolio, the wall and immigration? I wonder what the Proud Boys are saying.