The real divide in America is extreme self-obsessed authoritarians overwhelmed by their own egos. They demand undeserved allegiance and defile and condemn all true believers that won’t kneel before their commands.

Secular kings and queens present themselves as entitled demigods. Authoritarians and their mouthpieces spout false words before attempting to prevail using threats and fear. True believers vest more faith in a community messiah than an authoritarian king or queen.

The emerging authoritarians are waging war on the placid “live and let live” countryside of true believers. Authoritarians will not engage in subjective debate because if they state that their real objective is power, they will be universally rejected.

The speed of technology linked to videos creates the illusion that the authoritarians are many, but in reality they are a close-knit minority sharing a video screen. Technocrats want to move fast and furious in what they see as their new world order, even though it is a virtual simulation that they themselves create for themselves. Technocrats self-constructed virtual reality includes the theme, “my new way is the only way.”

True believers have taken a while to absorb techno-shock and are increasingly sharing their family’s matter message despite attempts to persecute and silence them. True believers attribute their family’s significance to a holy deity bigger than themselves. True believers live by the golden rule and have family values that are deeply real, not some pseudo-alternative embedded in technology.

The aggressive minority of authoritarians have activated the passive majority by pitting their unorthodox mandates against the true believers’ traditional creed of “live and let live.”

Control-obsessed authoritarians view family-centered true believers as a threat.

Free thinking true believers will practice their “live and let live” creed despite the egomaniac’s immoral attempts to divide Americans.