Fountain Hills Theater opened Friday night with “Disenchanted” and it is a hoot!

Imagine Cinderella as a nitwit, Snow White a little mean and Sleeping Beauty a narcoleptic; and that is only the beginning. Disney and the Brothers Grimm would never recognize this group of princesses.

We also have Belle, from “Beauty and the Beast,” Hua Muan, “The Little Mermaid,” Pocahontas, the princess who kissed the frog, Rapunzel and Princess Badroulbadour from “1001 Nights” on a cleverly designed magic carpet.

The cast is superb and every princess is outstanding. Directed by Peter J. Hill and choreographed by Noel Irick, this is a must see. Leave the kids at home and settle in for a couple hours of riotous, hilarious, side-splitting fun! The singing is outstanding and the dancing is awesome.

These twisted princesses royally stick it to Disney. “Disenchanted,” a musical comedy that gives fairytales the bird. It is feminism light and when they rail against princes who expect them to do all the housework, the crowd roars. So perhaps every little girl doesn’t grow up looking for her Prince Charming. Shhhh! Don’t tell Disney or the kids.

Tickets are available and it runs until May 26.