Just when we think it can’t get any worse, our Town Council makes yet another terrible decision. Our last Town Council left us with the disaster called Park Place and our new Town Council, determined to show even less respect for the will of our community, leaves us with yet another disaster called Daybreak.

Hundreds upon hundreds of well-meaning neighbors and community-minded citizens turned out to respectfully express their concerns. But with the exception of Mayor Dickey and Councilman Spelich (who both voted against it), our five other Council members simply fell in line with the developer’s demands. To listen to those five talk, you would think they were all on the developer’s payroll!

I’ve lived in Fountain Hills for over 20 years now and I actually believe the corner of Shea and Palisades may be an appropriate location for a new, high-quality, multi-family development. But the project as proposed is a disaster.

Let’s all hope that the Town staff doesn’t just roll over for the developer as easily as our five misguided Council members did last week. And by all means, let’s hope our citizens (a.k.a. voters) don’t forget the names of those five Council members come election time next year.