What a disappointment that the Town Council voted to give preliminary approval to the proposed development known as “Daybreak.” After a seven-hour hearing, where we followed the Council’s rules of procedure, Councilmember Brown demands respect but feels it’s alright for him to call the public “vigilantes.” I’m not only deplorable, now I’m also a vigilante.

He has the freedom of speech but should be respectful as well. He doesn’t need to be censured, but should apologize! Thank goodness he and others will not be our representatives after next year. Not only did the councilmembers disregard our General Plan and the Planning Commission’s recommendation against this project, but also ignored the residents “against” versus “for” this project.

Nobody was against the project itself but, if we are honest, this location is just wrong. We asked not to have another assisted living, so the developers changed its name. Why didn’t the councilmembers hear that? Why can’t our town leaders figure out how to make our downtown quaint and entice the residents to go there without turning us into Gilbert, Chandler or Scottsdale? If that’s what you want, move.

The public should see the political aspect of this project allowing the developers to get to proceed without abiding to the current General Plan with all the requested waivers.